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Revelation 1:1 Questions and Answers

Revelation 1:1 answers these ten important questions in one verse:

1.What genre is the Book of Revelation? Answer: “A Revelation.”

2. What is “revelation”?  Answer: The revealing of that which was hidden.

3.What is to be ‘revealed’? Answer: “Jesus Christ.”

4.How is He to be revealed? Answer: God gives the revelation.

5.Why is He being thus revealed? Answer: “To shew unto His servants things which must shortly come to pass.”

6.What does the word ‘must’ mean? Answer: It means that it is morally imperative.

7.What does the word ‘shortly’ mean? Answer: It means ‘quickly, soon, in a short space                         of time.’

8.What does ‘come to pass’ mean? Answer: It means it will come and it will pass in a short space of time.

9.What does ‘He sent and signified it” mean? Answer: That God sent the revelation and signified it by symbols.

10.Why did God send it by an ‘Angel’? Answer: To fulfill His promise to Daniel. This ‘Angel’ is identified in Revelation 19:10, in fulfillment of Daniel 12:13.