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Lesson 20 of Series – The Pattern Fulfilled

The End of the “World”/ “Age” Came in 70 AD

The “end of the world” (KJV, “end of the age,” NIV, RSV, etc.), as spoken by Jesus in Matthew 24 was fufilled in the destruction of Jerusalem, the end of the Jewish nation, and the destruction and dispersion of the Jews as a people. The “end of the age,” of the fleshly Israel established the pattern for the end of any nation who has known the commandments of God and has refused them. God is no respecter of persons in judgment. The fact that there was an immediate, literal fulfillment only confirms the general reference and the future eschatological fulfillment upon the wicked.

The Gospel Fully Preached

The immediate reference that the gospel must be preached to “all the world” was fulfilled in the sense that the Roman Empire was called “all the world,” (Luke 2:1), and “to every nation” was fulfilled in the sense that the tribes of Israel were “the nations,” as in Acts 2:5. Therefore, the gospel was fully preached, according to Colossians 1:23, before the destruction of Jerusalem, which was the “end of the age” for the fleshly Israel.

Christ’s Prophetic Identity Proven True

Christ’s signal predictions in the Gospels were fully realized in the events of the destruction of Jerusalem, serving also as a sign of the yet future end of any nation that forgets God. Thus the Book of Revelation shows that the morally imperative fulfillment of Christ’s prophecies did come to pass, proving that He was indeed a true Prophet.

Just as God’s word by Jeremiah was fulfilled, so also was the prophecy of Jesus fulfilled in the utter desolation of the city of Jerusalem in AD 70. The fact that Jeremiah’s and Jesus’ predictions came to pass should have the effect of striking Godly fear into the hearts of the world, for their words are surety of the pending judgment upon those who reject the Gospel, even when the Gospel has been fully preached to all nations and the whole world stands accountable before God. Rather than being a source of racial pride and/or bigotry, it is proof that God is indeed “no respecter of person in judgment.”

End of Series: Revelation 1:1 – ‘Must’ The Moral Imperative. If you have followed this series, you will understand fully that the Book of Revelation cannot be interpreted as to yet be fulfilled in some future time. It was morally imperative that these events happen quickly, soon, shortly. Please follow the future lessons on my blog to understand how, when, and why these things did “come to pass” shortly. This is often referred to as the “preterist” interpretation.

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